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Statement From God

This statement is written by God

“This is God, Creator of all Heaven and Earth.  I give this message for you as well as all thus written of Our novel in place.

“I first wish to tell My children that this book is not part of fictional mind. The lessons within this novel are true presents of faith
given of you through My child of earth to present My thoughts of this Holy Plan. Should you be remiss and think otherwise, I will bring suffering of mind around earth through her travel of your countries to impress upon your minds how real this message will be taken by My children. No one will know when I choose this form of event to broadcast My will of your thoughts given Me; but many will fear Our course of action taken when this begins.

“Now I say, those of you who know Me will give Me heed of their time, and give My daughter just love of her as she brings Our word and direction to you.

“God has chosen to give earth a chance to change what is written in the Bible about the end of the world. This Plan is God’s Holyway of letting everyone on earth know that through Him all eternity can change. God has no choice but to give love freely to all who He created. This is how Our Heavenly Father has graced us since the beginning of time. Openly and without grudge of those who have moved against His will for their lives.

“Welcome God into your life for a few hours while you read His Holy terms and conditions regarding this Plan. Be as open minded as you think someone else should be to your ideas, and allow Our Master Being to invite you into His mind for a change.  See what God thinks about all the changes mankind has made to confront Satan on his own and how much stronger Our fight against evil would be if we only let Our Father help us.

“All earth is in turmoil presently, and many people have given God prayers to ask for His help. We have never learned the correct manner to pray of Our Heavenly Father, who justifies our selfish prayer by allowing some correction made us. However, now God wants us to learn the correct terms of Holy Prayer to His being. We need not spend hours in prayer to get what we need to sustain life here on earth. But we need correct manner and guidance from God to know how to live each day according to His plan of our life.

“Never before in the history of earth, has Our LORD come to us to ask us to give His Soul Peace.  But today with the publishing of this “Novel of Main Events”, God is changing the way He treats mankind for all time. We have never been asked by Our Creator to give Him this much attention before. God is now within moments of ending earth of Evil due to Satan and his fellow angels, who are tormenting human beings to show their revenge on God for sending them from Heaven.

“Our Father in Heaven is now creating a new world for us, where love is prevalent above all else done. We need to come to God, our life planner, for details of the way we need to conduct ourselves daily. Should this plan fail and we not live up to the course His plan draws out for us, within the next few short years, destruction of earth will begin.

“God is asking all mankind to adhere to this plan, regardless of your religion,  background, country laws, or efforts forced against you. This is how earth will replace pain in His soul with the love His time spent with us has greatly deserved. Mankind has not given their Heavenly Father love completely as was His will when creating us. God created man to show Him honor and give love back to His being. Every time man touches against the will of Satan, in the presence of The Father, it brings excruciating pain of remorse to His being.

“Time now has changed, for God is no longer able to withstand our pained attempts of His form. He sees us fall into traps set by Satan, with no knowledge of this invisible beast of prey. Now God is on the attack against the pursuer of souls, and asks all earth to join Him in a fight with Lucifer until all of earth has shown His advisory more that we pick Our Heavenly Father’s love to guide us through life, and forbid Satan access of earth from now on.

“Let us make this perfectly clear: When this book hits the public, Satan will bring efforts against your beings stronger than you have ever felt happen before. His revenge is meant to increase pain of God, until his (Satan’s) own end in hell. Because God is now forcing his soul into its end, Lucifer will double his efforts upon earth as a last effort to gain as many souls for his ‘Murder to Souls Plan.’

“God is telling you all, this minute in time, that to live through Satan’s revenged plan, you will need all the help Our Father can bring to you. But should you not ask for His help, none will be offered your beings. God gave you a free will to choose between good of God and evil done of Satan; if you choose to keep free will, you are choosing to withhold complete love for God and are giving Satan control over those things of earth that you will not offer to God.”   

- Carol (Rebecah)
“This is a war with evil, and if you are not with God, then you are against Him. It’s just that simple.  There is no middle of the road where your Father is concerned. Give up your free will to choose evil, or God will leave earth to Satan and destruction will take place.We have between now and ‘2018’ to completely change the way we live with God. As long as God sees us making progress and moving in the correct direction of His plan, then earth will continue, but if not enough people make the changes God wants made, then earth will end sooner. Remember that you are not only saving yourselves, but the lives of your children and their children. Don’t be selfish and think your individual effort is not required. All of us are part of God’s family and required to comply with His order of now.”


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