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Satan At Wo rk (Part Two)


Presenting... The Seven Deadly Sins,
and then some.


Polluting -  Genetic Engineering -  Being Obscenely Rich -  
Drug Dealing - Abortion -  Pedophilia and Causing Social Injustice.

 “What have you done to please me?
 How have you created evil on Earth to give
 God pain for what He has done to us?”

 None of you guys have given God more trouble than me, I am into everything 
 with this. I started with prostitution, then porn and magazines, but now I am all
over the Internet, movies TV, music. 

 I invented belly dancing, bikinis, Hard Rock music, and marijuana used to be a nice
green leafy plant before I tweaked it, and the Poppy was just a red flower; but now
it makes them really horny. 
 Ha Ha Ha.

I coined the phrase “T an A”.  I created Rap music and Boody dancing, got my way
on reality shows and the clothing designers are all over me for ideas. I tell them, lower,
higher, sheerer, tighter, show all you can. 

  I got them having sex everywhere, and nudity and sex on the streets is what I started
already in some areas. So far only a few places allow it, but I am out to make nudity
the norm.  Remember Sodom and Gomorra; well think Bigger, I am going for Worldwide.
Then no woman will be safe from rape. Men will be excited all the time, and women
who aren’t willing, will get raped.  I love it. I am out to rape the world.
Sex, Sex, Sex and more Sex.
This will up the abortion rating; it’s kind of like a two for one Special.

  You know with Global warming coming, nudity is going to be well received on
those hot days.
My favorite has to be changing babies’ thoughts so that they think God created
them to have Gay sex.  The word gay came to
mind because it is so delightful to
watch them and see them blame God for all the horror in their lives from trying to
 convince anyone that they are supposed to have sex this way.  You would think
someone would have caught on that God would not create them that way, against
His own laws about it. But I have them really convince.

It’s really simple to get people to have sex with anyone or anything even little
 children. I just have to give them a little tickle in the lower regions; and they
are doing it, not a thought to God’s laws.

It was me who got those priests to go after children. I used to encourage them
towards the nuns or women in their parishes, but it’s more fun to see them hurt
God’s little ones that He cares so deeply about. They never knew what hit them,
 I was merciless until... I made God cry. 



First I get them to do something impossible for them to accomplish, and
then I get them
to eat away the failure. Then I give them diet pills. That was
 really my great contribution to God’s pain.  I created a viscous circle of
diet disorders.

I came up with fast food, then I told them to make everything bigger. I like to
make them get high and then I bring out the alcohol because by that time they
don’t know what they are doing anymore, I make them drink and do drugs

until they die.

My favorite is combining sins, first I make them horny  with drugs and then I
make them think they can
 handle a trio or even more, until  they grab at anything
that comes near them. And I laugh and laugh watching them make fools out
of themselves in front of God.

Whatever God gives them, I tell them it’s not enough.  Take more, and I tell them
if you don’t, then you
are being taken advantage of. I like to watch them pout.

Now I am after kids, I have them on the internet and playing games all the time.
They never get fresh air or exercise, I keep them busy with my rules for them.
What's that mean word God uses... oh yeah, humble.  He's no fun at all.



This is mine. I am going after every world leader and making them bleed
the people through taxes and find ways to use the money for frivolous stuff.
I got them to justify their own lifestyles by way of government perks and
paybacks to people who funded their campaigns.

They are so afraid of loosing their positions that I can make them give in
to anyone who will offer them a donation. My guys are all to happy to
donations to keep their own huge incomes. I created a vicious
circle of
greed giving to greed .  Not one of them cares one bit who gets
hurt by
what they do, as long as it’s not them.  They start wars over
their desire
for more money, power, control, fame.  Stupid aren’t they,
I am out to
hurt them the most, they just can’t see it because
I keep them too busy.

For the littler guys, I mess with the stock market and job security to
keep them from parting with any money; they’ll be to scared to loose
some.  It will keep them from helping the poor and homeless, giving to
churches, etc. They will be too afraid they will be homeless next.

Don’t you just love what I created through the drug companies.  They
charge way too much for drugs so that they can pay scientist to create
more drugs that they can charge too much for also. Tee Hee

All these people they are making drugs for, can’t afford them, so instead
of buying drugs, they buy health and drug insurance that again they are
being charged too much for.

We are doing our best to make sure they don’t heal, just as soon as they
heal from one thing we give them another even worse thing.

These foolish people study history all the time, but ignore what greed has
brought the world to do.  We won’t let them see the truth. They think they
are doing good, but they keep committing the same sins as their fathers’
before them.

To bad they haven’t read our history books, we have a full
house of their ancestors that they are now imitating so well.




I start with depression. Once I get them down, I got them.
Then I simply
tell them it’s not worth your effort.  No one really
cares what the hell you do.  The world is not going to change because
stepped out of a box. You fail at everything, why should
this time
be any different.  
No matter what you do, you
are not going to go to
So go relax, play… don’t work,
watch TV, masturbate,
play on
the Internet. 

There is no afterlife,
that is all baloney by the Churches to get you to
their bills. Charity begins at home.
Go sign up for anything that
pay your bills for you, and get a good lawyer, they are
invaluable with my help. 

You don't have to do God's will, you don't have to do anything
you don't want to. You don't have to worry about all those rules;
billions of people don't go out  of their way for others. Why
should you be the one to help someone?  Remember, God helps
those who help themselves to whatever they want.

I'm really good at my job, you wouldn't catch me sitting around
doing nothing. Satan would have my ass.



Boy it doesn’t take much to get these people angry.  They all think they
are so
important.  My way… me, me, me.   Anything that puts them
 second gets them angry.  Anything someone else has that they don’t,
 gets them
angry and ready to fight.

They fight about the tiniest things because they think what's on Earth is the
 prize, even though God and Christ told them the prize is in the next life.
But they'll never get the prize if we have anything to say about it. We will
keep them fighting and hating and angry all the time. We won't give them a
chance to find out what this life is about. We will make sure they don't see
good in each other.
We make them a bunch of whiny babies who think the world should revolve
around them,
and whatever they believe or want.  And the funniest thing is
getting them to fight about God. They even think that God belongs only to
and their religion and they are the only ones who know
the truth and
have the true
religion. So I guess we did a good job making them believe that.

So ,did you see what I did in
the Holy land at all the so called holy sites.
Isn’t it too
funny how they fell right into my trap. They let anger rule
minds and now instead of
all of them living in peace the way
the Master
 taught them, they
demand equal time and space.
They all act like they
are walking
on eggs so they don’t offend anyone.
They don’t even realize
how bad
they look and that we pushed them into it.  They changed the
meaning of Christianity by simply dividing.  Every time someone wants
to allow what
God forbid or they have a disagreement with church law
they create a new Religion that allows it; instead of working together to
solve their problems the way Jesus taught them to do.  

 “Well, if they had stayed together then we wouldn’t have been able to
accomplish so much on earth. Their loss is our gain.

What I can't understand is this; God gave the Israelites their land, and
 helped them
fight to keep it, but even though all the other countries
know this, they  still insist on hurting God by trying to kill the people
God personally chose to live  there, and by trying to take the land and
 holy places away from them. We don't even have to work very hard at
convincing them to do that. They are really jealous of what God gave

Do they think that taking this land away from Israel, somehow 
makes them holier in God's eyes?  How can taking what God Himself
gave to the Israelites make them anything but loathsome  in God's eyes.
You can't get holy just by living on that piece of land. They didn't learn
God's lessons very well. Even we know that the only important thing,
is doing God's will because we are the ones making sure they don't,
but we do that to hurt God. God willed the Israelites to stay on that
land and we are making them leave or die.”


I want to be number one,
and sex,
I want
sex, and girls
money, and I don’t want
to have to
work for it either.
I want some clouds to
sit on too,
I want
 a bed like that .
A gun,
I want a gun.”


My favorites are the award shows. I love to watch them try to hide envy
while sitting there
in view of cameras. 
Christmas bonuses and raises are fun also. 

I like to take people on tours
of expensive homes they can't possibly afford. 
I created TV shows that show every extravagance known to
man, so
that everyone watching
can hate God for not being able
to afford to live that way.

I show them the beautiful people, and then make them go through hell on earth
trying to look like them.  It's fun watching what people will put themselves
through just to look like someone they hate for being better looking than them.
They don't care that God took time to make them all different, we make
them think they all have to look the same or they won't be accepted by the
people who matter. 

Ha Ha Ha, as if any of them matter once they turn their backs on God to do our
will and flaunt their new body parts in front of God.  New heart, new boobs, new
 ass, new teeth, pills for a bigger penis, new DNA, cloning (that one even scares me
and I invented it, but I know  the wrath of God, and He is not going to let that
slide. Woe to the people doing that.)  And those fat-lips, Ha Ha Ha
That was a little joke!  Here, let me talk you into taking fat from your ass and
shooting  that fat into your lips. I was kidding, and they took me serious;
God, honest that one was completly innocent.

Boy, does it make God angry to see them exchange parts He gave them for plastic
parts or each others parts. Talk about getting them to reject God; this is full blown
humiliation for God. They are not doing this to give honor to God, we have them
going under the knife for vanity.  How ridiculous they are turning themselves into
plastic dolls. We teach them not to respect what God gave them, but instead to
want what God gave someone else. They can't look old, fat, bald or grey and
we offer them solutions for all of that. To bad they don't realize our solutions
are causing illness and death.  First we get them to turn from God then we give
them pills and surgery and creams that will bring them to our home in hell as
fast as we can before God has a chance to resue them.

To top it off, I tell them God
doesn’t love them as much as he does the
people they are
watching, or they too, would have all of this.
I whisper in
their ears to borrow,
and not return.  I tell them It’s not
stealing, only borrowing,

and after all don't they deserve everything everyone else has. I mean look at
your neighbor, he has a beautiful wife, new car, great job, gets to take long
expensive vacations, Ha Ha Ha, I see you getting envious already.
You people are so easy.


I created beauty contests, game shows, the model dancer singer actor date show,
Olympic games, in fact all the
sports I created have proven to be really good. 
Presidential debates, now there... is an accomplishment for me. Talk about
promoting mistrust; is there anything funnier than two people who want to be
considered for the top job in the land, slinging mud at each other like bad children.
So which one will you vote for? The one with the dirty nose or the one with the
dirty cheeks?
  Self involvement, self pride, self happiness.  Cheating, lieing, steroids, plastic
boobs, capped teeth, hair color, polish this, cover that, Lazer surgery, diets
 products, be number one, be number one, be number one.  It keeps these
people busy looking for rewards on Earth. 

I tell doctors they are the ones that heal people, so they think they are
God and
 I tell scientist that through DNA and cell work they can create
life, so they really
think they are God.  I tell them it's a miracle, this is God given and you will be
helping so many people.  Puff, Puff, Puff.  They believe they are worth a fortune
and charge huge amounts for their services, just ask the insurance companies.
So you can't pay the doctor...well... you can't pay the insurance either. Gotcha
How's that for a blow to your pride?  Hate God yet?

 War is my greatest result to pride,
and it’s soooo easy to make them prideful.
I just have to encourage one influencal person, give them a flag to wave and the rest
 of them are ready to die and murder for that flag.  They throw God’s laws out the
window as soon as I suggest that someone has more Land, power, weapons or
more faith in God than they do. Suddenly “Thou shall not kill, steal, lie, rape,
honor their children and
parents, etc. are not part of the bargain.  The only prayer
they say is God help me kill my enemy. 

I make them hate each other, I keep rubbing it in until they only see things my way;
I leave them loveless. 
Do you see the look on God’s face every time someone
prays for help to kill
one of His children?

 "God doesn't look so tough with tears in His eyes."


This is the just for fun section.
You are going to love this stuff Satan.


Forest Fire

Common Cold

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“Also, form with disease astray
is telling Our souls that The Father want
them to be ill, to punish souls of crimes against His soul. Should be true of Us
no more; for God does not give disease to those who fall; He only punishes when
no sign of love for Him exists among these sinners thus. Or no desire towards
His will of they exist more so.

Cancer                      Diabetes
Polio                   Ebola      


Hurricane                              Tsunami




Quote from the book " God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“Even when Satan does evil upon Earth, only with My word can someone lose
their life. I adjust the evil that Satan does to people, so that they benefit of Us
when it is done of them. This is how I compensate for his evil; when Satan gives
illness, I give health back. When Satan creates storms of floods for poor children
and they lose life and limb, I send them Angels to bring them of Me so that no
further harm comes to them.

“All think losing life in a disaster is very bad and should be given grief and anger
with God for not helping them. But disaster is evil and I give only good. So when
Satan interrupts My plans of your life, I bring My children of Me so that they
are not tempted to pray incorrectly. For prayer of self alone is more evil; so to
avoid this for them, I save them of Earth disaster and take them home. Then I give
many My blessing to correct this evil done of them. They construct new homes
and buildings, and adjust life once again. But this time, they are working for the
good of all this area, and blessings come strong of those who pray and work for
their neighbor. So all evil is surely created into good by Us.”


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