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God sent you here...Now buy His book to find out why.
Satan At Work   
“These people love me, I give them money, cars, houses, power, control, sex.
You just promise Heaven. I tell them… there is no Heaven.  Get it all now!
They don’t realize that we are behind every evil done on Earth.
They blame
each other all the time.
As if they could
think up this kind of evil with their little minds!  Ha Ha Ha Ha


There are over 7 Billion evil angels working on Earth today; 
all trying to take you to hell before the end of the world.
Stop Helping Them
Keep all the Commandments and God's laws, not just the ones you feel
like obeying.  God is not politically correct, He expects mankind to change
 their politics to become Godly correct.  God asked me to create this page for
you because He wants you to see how much Satan has changed the world,
and how easy it is to fall into his traps.

“My children in pain,
I, your God will not allow you this much longer, for Earth is about to find
cause of Me to heal
Satan has given your lives this end to reproach My way
with his ego;  I am
all that will be in time close at hand.”
- God

"I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before Me."

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

—God 9-7-2006
This is say to My people who I have created. Many years ago
 when Earth was created, I gave orders of Adam and Eve to live according to
My laws for them.  They were My beloved human beings, who God your
Master Almighty above, created to bring Him love above all else given them.

“But as Satan came upon them, fighting Me with evil, these human beings
 changed of Me. They took word of Satan over Mine. They obey his
command of them, before Me. This is what is meant by no other gods before
Me. Satan takes all away from God. He is not your creator, nor your master
of your life force. This of Me is precious gift, bestowed on your life. Anything
that changes you from My love is considered of Me as a false god, and I
forbid mankind to take these interest before Me.

  " Who are you praying to? Let me find you a nice idol.
Now, what Religion are you?
I did so well at creating confusion in that department."

Religious Martyrs

Muslim martyrs: 80M
Christian martyrs: 70M
Atheists: 31,689,000

Quasi-religionists 2,712,000
Mahayana Buddhists: 1,651,000
Hindus: 676,000

Zoroastrians: 384,000
Hindu martyrs: 20M
Buddhist martyrs: 10M

Jewish: 9M
Ethnoreligious: 6M
Sikh: 2M

Baha'i: 1M
Other religious martyrs: 5M 

Thanks to us, there are over 33,800 different Christian denominations
were started by man after the church of Christ was started.
Divide and conquer is our motto.

"That is exactly why God sent us
out of Heaven.

I wonder why
He let’s them stay on His Earth.
This makes me really angry,
and I will make sure they don't get to Heaven. "


”You shall not make for yourself an idol,
whether in the form of 
  anything that is in
Heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, 
      or that is in the water under the earth.”

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

—God 9-7-2006
I say to all mankind, this day in your year. When you take clay,
wood, rock or paper into your hand and draw or carve of it any form other than
the Son of God or Mother be this Son, Mary; then you have struck the
will of God from your heart.

"You don't need to worry about this part, go on... make your statues and
  pictures.  Kneel before them...put them in your churches. It's okay, really. 
    God will get over it.  He hasn't destroyed them, has he?  
   See, He doesn't care."


“You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your
God, for
the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses
his name.

Quote from "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

—God 9-7-2006 .
This is important to remember all times. I have seen many of Earth use
the name
of God in curse of everything made of Me. I am all things of
Earth. You need
remember that when you curse My man of Earth, you
curse Me; when you curse
My land or My wares, you curse Me also.
There is none allowed by Me, to use
the name of God in this manner.

“Also I tell you that My name is holy and sacred and should you use
it for bringing
harm against another, or blasphemy; I will end your
life of Me. No man is to use
the LORD your God, in any improper
manner, or life will be ended with Us in

"We encourage you to hate each other and to use God as your reason to
punish each other.  We make you believe if someone is different than you,
that it will be a threat to you. You are so easily fooled by our soft spoken
words that make you think you are better than your brother.  You are hurting
God and keeping yourselves out of Heaven; we just love that.
Thanks for your cooperation."

"We had a great time creating these emotion packed words and
phrases, and they really work well on all of you."

Satan’s List of Motivational Words

Abandoned      Forced       Misunderstood      Suspicious 
Abused      Frightened      Humiliated      Mocked      Teased      Accused 
   Guarded      Ignored      Neglected      Terrified    
 Afraid      Guilt-tripped 
Obligated      Threatened      Alone        Inferior  
Offended      Trapped      Attacked      Ignored      Inhibited      Over-controlled   
Uncared about       Beaten down      Imprisoned      Insignificant      Over-protected 
Underestimated      Bossed around      Inferior      Insulted      Over-ruled  
  Under-protected      Brushed off      
Inhibited      Interrogated      Powerless 
Unheard      Cheated     Insignificant      Intimidated      Pressured 
Confused      Insulted      Invalidated      Punished 
Uninformed      Controlled      Interrogated      Invisible      Put down 
Criticized      Intimidated      Judged      Rejected      Unloved  
Cut down      Invalidated      Labeled      Resentful      Unsafe 
Cynical      Invisible      Lectured to      Restricted      Unsupported 
   Dehumanized       Left out     
 Ridiculed      Un-trusted 
   Disapproved of        Lied about      Robbed      Untrusting 
Discouraged        Lied to      Scared      Unwanted   
Disrespected      Forced      Lonely      Skeptical      Violated


Hate crimes occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her
membership in a certain social group, usually degined by
race, religion,
sexual orientaion, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender
identity, or political affiliation.

Hate crimes differ from conventional crime because they are not directed
simply at an individual but are
meant to cause fear and intimidation in
an entire group or class of people.

Hate crimes can take many forms. Incidents may involve
physical assault,
dammage to property, bullying , harassment, verbal abuse, insults,
or offensive graffiti or letters.

Observe the Sabbath day and keep  it holy, as  
 the Lord your God commanded you.

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“All of Earth should know My way is to give you a day to rest from all your
problems given you from hard work. So I say of you take this day I give you,
for your body and soul to come of Me for replenishment of both.

“Review what you have accomplished during your week and how you have
served the LORD in what you have done. If you see no glory for God in your
work, then no accomplishment was done at all. For all Earth is My belonging
and all man is My child. So all done to man and for man is done for Me alone.
Give all to God and God will give you everything you need each day.


"Church can wait, you'll miss the 
sales if you don't shop now.
We love it when you start a sale of Sunday."

                                                                            " Work on the Sabbath, money, money, money."

Honor your father and your mother, as the
your God commanded you

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“This is My command to you. Care of both child and parent, does not mean
them off as if not your concern. I, your God say they are your concern
 that needs
love, trust and permanent means of honor by you. Never give up
this honor given
you to some caretaker and think I approve this act. You
are the ones love should
be given by and to. For this way Heaven will be
waiting for you; who show Me,
that when you come unto Me, your heavenly
Father, you have given and received
love and know how to give this
also of Me.”


   "My kids never come to see me; I'm so lonely!"      
"The birds come to see me; I feed them and they come."

 "Our son's a Rock Star, we don't see him, but he sends 
  us great stuff. He sent us these clothes."

You shall not murder

Quotes from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

—God 9-7-2006 I am very disappointed with My children on this respect.
 I gave this law for one purpose only. To give all Earth My command to love
and respect what I have given as life. Do you take My gift so disrespectfully
of Me, that you increase knowledge of Me to include justice as your own to give?

“Do you think you are able to judge one of My children so fully; as to be able
to say this child should not exist of us, who are perfect in the eyes of God?
What has one of your own done, that God cannot forgive? I say of all who
listen to My word today.   
I do not give this judgment easily as you do.
None of Me, will perish until all of Heaven is done in their respect to save
them of hell

“I tell you this strongly; you cannot give an order to kill one of My children
without coming to Me to offer yourself in his place. If you take a life of Mine,
from this Earth, you give your life to Me as well, to do with as I see fit of you.

“This is said of any circumstance upon this Earth. I do not give special favor
to those in war, or offended by another. I give no offer to those policing streets
or court-appointed. I say to all My children, no matter where or when you
offend Me, by this crime against Me, I will punish you in the same manor as
you give.

“So this is your answer now: Give every respect of any who offend you; for I will
judge them, on what they did to one who belongs to Me. But should you judge
over Me, their mistakes; I will judge you worse offender of both. 

            War… Hah… What is it good for?


Quotes from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

"All Earth knows that God justified war with those on this land given Israel.
But not since My Son has placed Our seal over all Earth, by death of cross, has
Almighty God required man fight another in Our name. All who do so, fight
with their own freewill given; but never have come to Me to find out My will
for this battle form revenge. I say here forever more, do as your mind prevents,
what you gravely hate; but only will you war without Me of your part played.
will this be ended."  —God

“Any who punish My people of Earth, should know I have their end in hand.
I will give them the way they gave other souls brought before them. I say this
of all course taken against mankind; either large scale war or one against
another argue the same.”—God

“I will be there whenever man has course of another. All must give of Me only,
so I can judge his end. This is what LORD of all Heaven, with souls come daily,
has given word of those left aside in planet Earth.”—God

“Give praise of Our LORD who has accepted your pains and punishment thus
of His soul; who gives you love, in place of scorn for your behavior of Him.”


Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“God, What about terrorism?”

“I say one thing about this; evil dwells deep of this means. All in Heaven bless
Our souls who find horror in daily life from those who victimize them for the
sake of build power over them. I did not teach My souls this form of brutality
to convince others of your right. I give love of them for good of soul and proper
manner in form.

“But those who say My name when touching others of terror means, do Me
injustice in their heart and soul, and I will punish this means and send them into
poverty and mourning, for bringing such destruction for those whose lives become
inflamed in hope of peace; but get torn to bits by soldiers dressed of evil colors,
and battle underground as if hiding their evil-doing from Me, who can see them
no matter where they hide.

“When one is right and just, all is done in the open to be judged as honest of
heart. When only done in private means and underhanded tactics used, then all
is done on evil level and should be justly revenged by My hand on them. Make
no mistake; when time is correct, all this will end and they will perish as should
be. None will respect them; none will help them, and none will remember them
as men of honor. They will go into history as tyrants of the world, who died for
dishonorable causes. This will give evil soul his revenge with Us in Heaven.”

   "Now this...Reminds me of home."

Genocide: among other things, the killing of people by a government
 because of their indelible group membership
(race, ethnicity, religion, language).

: the murder of any person or people by a government because
of their politics or for political purposes.

Mass Murder
: the indiscriminate killing of any person or people
by a government.

: The murder of any person or people by a government, including
genocide, politicide, and mass murder.

New World total = 262,000,000.

Death total due to war in just the 20th Century

 Map of world with countries' murder rates.
Number of murders per year, per 100,000 inhabitants.

"You were easily fooled by us and now look at the results we got.
This is truly our victory over God."

Quote  from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“No abortion is made of any child; I give when conceived and will not offer
this end. I say that birth control is God’s domain. I give, when I have
need of
love, for all life is a circle of love between a child and Me.

“Who among you has the right to say of God, ‘You do not need love
through Me’? Birth control of mankind is simply restrain of your
practice of
sex. No means of taking life away from God is appropriate.
I have given sexual
means solely to populate my Earth. Other means done
of this is inappropriate
form, in the eyes of God.  —God

"Follow me, because there are no drugs in Heaven."

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“On this Earth today, many of My children suffer of illness, unable to pay
the price
for services and medications. Drug companies offer drugs
unsuitable of Us; that
affect My people in offensive ways and change their
 lives of Us; because given a
drug that allows evil dwellers to increase pressure
over them, who are too weak
to fight this. I say; spend your time in thought
about what you offer to many for
I will offer their lives for yours should
they expire of your means.  —God


“You shall not commit adultery.

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

How is it, that mankind thinks God would allow so many to commit this
offense against Me? I say to you now, the meaning of adultery is this;
give yourself of only your own wife or husband. If you are joined of Me
through marriage in My name, then stay with that one who is your half. If
your half should give of self to another then you can leave this one, for
this reason only.

“But should your half be of faithful to your vow of them, you cannot give
of yourself to another, no matter if you live of your wife or not.
(This is
regarding separation)
You are not divorce of a faithful spouse, in the eyes
of the LORD.

“I say of My churches, who offer means of ending an unfaithful marriage.
 If this couple has children they are not to be said annulled of this marriage
within the church.
    "This is just so encouraging!"

Marriage and Divorce Rates for some Countries

 Country Marriage Rate Divorce Rate 
 Australia 5.4 2.7 
 Austria 4.6 2.4 
 Belarus 7.1  3.2
 Belgium 4
 Chile  3.6 N/A
 Cuba 4.9   3
 Czech   Republic  4.8  3.2
 Denmark  6.5  2.9
 Estonia 4.2  2.9 
 Finland  5  2.6
 France  4.6  2.1
 Germany  4.6  2.6
 Greece  5.5  N/A
 Hungary  4.5  2.5
 Ireland  5.1  0.7
 Italy  4.5  0.7
 Japan  5.8  2.2
 South Korea  6.4  3.5
 Latvia  4.3  2.1
 Lithuania  4.9  3.1
 Luxembourg  4.4  2.3
 Mauritius  8.8  1
 Mexico  5.6  0.6
 The Netherlands  5  1.9
 New Zealand  5.3  2.6
 Norway  4.9  2.4
 Poland  5.1  1.3
 Portugal  5.1  2.2
 Romania  6.2  1.5
 Russia  7.6  5.5
 Slovakia  4.8  2
 Slovenia  3.4  1.2
 Spain  5.1 0.8 
 Sweden  4.4  2.4
 Switzerland  5.5  2.3
 Ukraine  7.8  3.7
 United Kingdom  5.1  3.8
 United States  7.7  3.8
 Venezuela  2.9  N/A

“Well, I guess we know which countries have the hot lovers;
we just can’t get those people to divorce. We're working on them.”

"You shall not steal."

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

“None can steal from God and get away with it. When you take from My
children in any way, you take from Me also. I then adjust that part of your
life to give you a reason to change all evil you are doing. “Think of how you
are getting what you have in life. If what you have comes from evil means then
you are stealing life away from someone. You are taking someone else’s good
money for your evil means. I say to you, I do not see this matter end well for
you. Stealing consists of any means gotten through evil means. Before you
justify your means ask yourself, are these just with God. If you can not say
they are, then know God will justify them for you with other means brought
into your life.

“I give those with My will for them, all they need to survive this life and
live according to My will of them. If your life is full of wealth horded in
banks and businesses and property so that none of Earth can touch it,
then My will of you has failed you. Your wealth is not the will of God, it
is help given of Satan, to bring your heart away from God, who loves all
His children and wants all to be in Heaven at the end of their life. I have
told My Earth that wealth is God’s enemy, because those who horde
money on Earth spend only what is needed to satisfy their own happiness.
But those who spend all they have to bring happiness to others are
hording rewards of Us in Heaven.”

   "We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave.

The temperature's risin....
  “They are stealing from God, 
this is the easiest generation we every worked with. 
    They have no morale fiber left.”


 Watch a trailer of this movie
Al Gore, you have our support.
 An Inconvenient Truth 

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

—God 9-8-2006
“I say, you of the industries that My children rely on daily for successful
on Earth, are My worst offenders. You see need and greed takes your
hearts to
pressure all into giving more to your will than to My will for them.

"So beyond My view of yourself, you follow Satan's 
justification of life."  — God



Homicide, Drugs, Robbery, Assults, Car theft, Rape, etc.
                       Crime Rate Worldwide   "I bet I get a raise for this."


Countries  Amount    per 1000 people
 1  Dominica 113.822  
 2  New Zealand 105.881           
 3  Finland 101.526          
 4  Denmark 92.8277 
 5  Chile 88.226 
 6  United Kingdom 85.5517 
 7  Montserrat 80.3982 
 8  United States 80.0645 
 9  Netherlands 79.5779 
 10  South Africa 77.1862 
 11  Germany 75.9996 
 12  Canada 75.4921 
 13  Norway 71.8639 
 14  France 62.1843 
 15  Seychelles 52.9265 
 16  Hungary 44.9763 
 17  Estonia 43.3601 
 18  Czech Republic 38.2257 
 19  Italy 37.9633 
20  Switzerland 36.1864 
 21  Portugal 34.3833 
 2  Slovenia 33.6236 
 23  Poland 32.8573 
 24  South Korea 31.7267 
 25  Mauritius 29.1982 
 26  Zimbabwe 28.8753 
 27  Lithuania 22.8996 
 28  Spain 22.8867 
 29  Latvia 21.921 
 30  Uruguay 21.7017 
 31  Russia 20.5855 
 32  Ireland 20.2376 
 33  Bulgaria 19.9886 
 34  Japan 19.177 
 35  Romania  16.4812
 36  Slovakia 16.3537 
 37  Jamaica 14.3231 
 38  Belarus 13.1592 
 39  Mexico 12.8406 
 40  Tunisia 12.5634 
 41  Costa Rica 11.9788 
 42  Ukraine 11.7793 
 43  Hong Kong 11.6817 
 44  Macedonia
The Former
Yugoslav Republic
 45  Greece  9.6347
 46  Venezuela  9.307
 47  Thailand 8.80422 
 48  Moldova 8.58967 
 49  Kyrgyzstan 7.50486 
 50  Malaysia 6.97921 
 51  Qatar 6.76437 
 52  Zambia 5.27668 
 53  Columbia 4.98654 
 54  Turkey 4.11252 
 55  Armenia 4.03889 
 56  Georgia 3.21338 
 57  Papua New Guinea  2.39711
 58  Azerbaijan 1.76416 
 59  India 1.63352 
 60  Yemen 1.16109 
   Weighted average 33.7 per 1,000 people 



                                                                          "I don't know where Yemen is; 
                                                                        but maybe...we can move the whole country to India, 
                                                                                             it's really big."

                                                                                                                                                   "You are so smart. 
                                                                                                                                                        How did you think of that?"


“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

—God 9-8-2006 I say this to everyone; you can not say things about
each other, to other people even if you think you are doing right by
the person you talk to.  If what you say is found wrong by Me, I will judge
you of this.

“You do not know every circumstance of a situation you are talking about
with someone else. You bring others to judgment with your neighbor when
you gossip about them even as humor.

“So I tell you that this law is not of testify in court alone, it is testify of
your neighbor under any circumstance done. Be it in voice, or in writing
of his name. I will also judge your actions strong if you give others cause
to look for wrongdoings of another, without full knowledge of a situation.
It is very hard for mankind to know all about another’s thoughts and

“This is why
when you live in My way, with God united with your every
thought, you will not give false witness of others, because your only
concern will be that of your life with God.
You will not see others outside
 of your love for God.”

" Let me entertain you, let me make you smile; let me do a
few trick, some old and then some new tricks, I'm very
versatile. Soooo, let me entertain you and we'll have a real
good time yes sir... we'll... have... a real good time."






Neither shall you covet your neighbor's wife. Neither shall you
desire your neighbor's house, or field, or male or female slave, 
or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Quote from the book "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"

—God 9-8-2006 “This of Us in Heaven refers to loving self enough
to ask Our LORD your course for life on Earth. When you offer your
will for Ours, you need not look of others for your joys of Earth. You
need only see what God wills of your work and life. So, no need of
looking toward others for excuses of change for your life.

“This sin refers to being unhappy of your place in life. This be
jealousy of those around you. When man knows his place then all is
good in his heart and mind, when you lose your will of Us, because you
forget who you are in relationship to Our will with you, then you allow
others yourself to use, until you find your proper place again.”


 Presenting... The Seven Deadly Sins,
and then some.

 Satan At Work (Part Two)


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