These prayers were given to Rebecah from God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the Angels.
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Prayer of Hope
Communion Prayer
Help with This Plan
Heirs to Heaven
Distressed and Overwhelmed
Walk in God's Shadow
Good Friday Letter
About Jesus
For Rebecah in Answer to a Prayer
Smile When You Do God's Will 
Prayer For Others to Find Hope
Lord's Prayer with Jesus
Bread and Wine
There are 26 more prayers and poems in God's book, "God's Holy Plan to Save Earth"



Prayer of Hope
by God

Given to Carol: 03/31/2007

Now our time with earth has changed; this is a new dawning on Our earth, for when
God has given His ones of Heaven, all He sees unfold below, then children with good hearts know His power over earth is greater than known throughout world with hope more; but as with His great hope of thee, His most pleasing little ones, He gives Our joyous birth of new form; Angels against foe of God, to negate evil devils around
those He cherishes strong.

Bless be Our girl child, who now in her prayer of Us, gets courage for reviewing every phrase uttered through Us of high. In doing this, she gives Our children her knowledge of Our will toward them who ask strong there place of this part of history making; and We who know your minds come of Us in good self knowledge be; will adjust Our place in hearts strong of this action toward We your God’s Soul. 

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Communion Prayer
by Jesus

Bless of he who comes for Me
For he is now with Holy Three.
In Me is God, in God is Me;
In We is He of Spirit be.

So know that when accept of Me,
In Communion given now to thee;
That all be blessed inside of Three,
In place of only one of Me.
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Prayer For Those Who Will Help
by God

Say of Us above:
All heaven, in God we give pride of honor,
In God life brings peace of wills;
But with Our Heavenly Three at our side,
Love is made whole.

Father in Heaven, grant they who will your blessing
of help on your plan,
the grace to fulfill all that you ask of them.

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Prayer Given to Rebecah to Relieve Doubt In This Plan
by God

God of holy means,
with our help of your plan;
all will end life holy of you above.

God with holy answers made of us,
all will come when called by you.

Holy Father of Heaven means,
you have graced earth of this Holy plan,
now we need only follow this course
to achieve your goal with they
who came before us on earth.

We are in your hands Father;
we give you our prayer
for this answer brings will of God
for ending Satan’s cover earth of evil be.

Now this day above all else down on earth,
we worship your divine son
made man in our pleasure of life;
for in He who joined us of earth,
all earth began a new of God’s heart, soul and mind.

Now it starts further renew
of we who wait of Jesus once more.
Now earth becomes all that is made whole with God Almighty man,
made of His soul formed.

God above,
we your students of pain distress,
have given our hearts over to your love strength,
in answer of your plan.
So now in our desire of Heaven’s end of life,
we offer earth source
made as wished by thee alone.

Give us our way Father
and we your heirs to Heaven,
can follow Jesus, our way of earth,
to justly earn our place with 
This be end.

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Angel’s Prayer/Poem When In Distress

by Adora, Archangel's aid

I with thee are in distress,
And all seems overwhelming;
But in my stress of earthly pains,
My Lord comes to comfort me.

I with thee are married be,
And we have pledged our lives;
So in your pain my soul remains
Until God brings us grace.

Child of God see us around you
For we are sent to thee,
To help you cope of all bound to thee
When evil strikes your beings.

Pray out to God for all you need
Is given when He sees,
That Satan put his curse towards you
In place of fight with He.

Be evermore grateful to He
Who knows your soul so well,
For God is all that is for thee,
Who struggles away from hell.

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Prayer God gave Rebecah when she worried about being capable
of bringing His plan to all mankind.

"I am your shadow of life, in me you walk.
Your way is known to me, your knowledge my giving.
There is nothing of this life; I can not guide you through.
All life is my love for you, all breath, My labor to bear."

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Letter of Mourning for Good Friday
by St. Peter through the grace of God

I asked God for a prayer of mourning for Good Friday, but God sent me St. Peter
instead. St. Peter gave me this wonderful letter. You need to know I do not ask
for Spirits of the dead to come to me, because it is against God's laws. This was
not by my willingness, but by the will of God that St. Peter gave me this letter.


“In He, we say our end has come; for in He, our life passes strong.

“Our Lord is hung among thieves who give little in life, but take many of us for wealth sake.  Now, all earth mourns our friend who cherished us well beyond knowledge given he who sees Him.

“Only us, His companions, know how hard His pain of us who take Him to His end, have cried secretly for this time forgiven of He who lives of us. We His lonely twelve, give no one who takes Our Master of us, our hatred now.

“Our Lord of God has promised hope through this His holy end of land made whole with God. We our friend’s servants, have given promise to recover all who come for His blessing to earth’s mankind. For in us, He places trust of heart to replace pains drawn upon this day for Heaven’s sake. 

“We of His hope, give all our blessing through many miracles brought through His own Spirit placed within our souls and minds. We give gratefully of our end, to who has asked us to bring justice of His life.

“Now of Heaven, we stand beside His form once more. Our Mother placed above all who bring faith of God for sake of Jesus Christ. All who cherish His memory have come of us, this place in holy be; for we with Christ have brought word of this place and is now our rest forever more.

 “Give all they who read my prayer this day, of He who is and can be trusted of thee, your forever more desire toward goodness, for this be reward given he who gives God joy in His soul.

“The souls of we are no more sad of His end at our hearts declared desire, for He placed His trust upon us, His chosen men, who again have come upon your mind to give strength your answer to sin against His Most Holy Name, God. 

All who hear our plea will also know He upon death made of earth beings justly. For all who come upon their end, see his face first foremost with love given they, afore their judgment made for life with eternity base.

“Give my message for earth dear child, made holy with Christ secure in your mind’s heart, for we of He above are resting faith upon your soul as earth changes forever more.”

May I ask who is speaking to me?
“I have come upon this time of your soul, he who knows God is with you.”

May I know your name?
“Peter of earth has given this statement your ear.”

St. Peter?
“Know I am child, this be patron of mankind’s home parish. For in me all began for you.”


Once St. Peter ended his letter, I turned to Jesus to ask,

Jesus, did you wish to be allowed more time on earth?
“I have said afore child, none of my soul wishes end what God needed. All that is spoken of above remain hope of they who knew me well enough to long of my remain with them. Peter speaks of those times before I die that give particular praise before our God has required end of my life.

So during the three years you preached they knew your end would come this way?
“They knew me well enough to realize I would lay down my life for they who loved me.”

Thank you both for coming to me tonight to give me this lovely account of your hearts. 

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Poem About Patience
by God

Give us time to comfort your mind,
Then when you see is so;
Go then to where is want of you,
So none will see is so.

For when you say to those who test you,
I have no time for thee;
In all your trouble, I detest you
For bringing scorn to me.

You mark my word and to this is heard
That God will try my will.
So never let your problems pass me,
Until I see my Lord.

For He is of my will today,
And He is one who waits;
Patient of His child to pray
For all that’s needed today.

Be thee, then like He who has waited
For then thee be like God;
In heaven He awaits for thee,
So now wait patiently of He.

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Poem From God About Jesus

by God

Our Lord Jesus blesses you;
Today with thought of love,
Tomorrow with health,
Forever with life.

Be gracious of Him who comes to you
For He is all holy man of God;
And for thee is your salvation from sin,
For Me is My graced hand upon your head.

For our world… is our love,
For our hearts… is our truth,
For our souls… is our judgment
And our glory to God.

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Poem - Answer of Prayer For Rebecah From God
by God

I have seen you ask for Me,
When all seems overwhelming.
I have seen you pray to Me,
In hopeful thoughts for thee.

But when you pray say only this:
May God give life of soul to me;
For only in your soul
Is life allowed of Me.

I say to you who pains more now,
That he who gave you this;
Will suffer for his test of Me,
For taking health from thee.

My child you walk in torment now,
For those who suffer so;
But soon I will allow your hand,
To heal from head to toe.

Grace be on all you pray for,
In this world and not;
For all who know My will for you,
Will be welcomed of Our door.

If thought of Me, cross from you to he,
When given help from thee;
Then all is said of Us in thee,
In earth Our will be met.

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Poem God Gave Me, When He Thought I Should Smile More.
by God

Pleasure God with smiles to He,
When offering up your will of thee;
For God wish know you have allowed
Your heart’s wish show upon your face.

Give He who takes your will of He,
In faithful glow around His see,
For those who show God want of thee,
Will give great pleasure then to He.

For He will offer more to thee,
When knows you show the world to see
That doing will of God can be,
A gracious gift that brings you glee.

"We're doing God's will. We love you God."

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Prayer for Control
by God

If I control you, then all is good
For God controls the Universe;
But if you control those who come of Me,
Then off to hell you go.

I say this with the best of smile
For I know you try to change;
But in your doubt about this falter
Then just give smile of me.

For with this grin, my thoughts are given,
To crush your desire to be;
In charge of all who honor you,
In place of honor me.   

For they who know your will for them,
Then come of me no more;
For they belong to thoughts of you,
In place of prayer to me.

Say to those who you want to control;
It’s God you need to ask,
For all is given when He sees
You need His time to pass.

Your way is clear
When you have His ear,
And know that God will help;
Because in He all answers be
This time and in the passed.

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Prayer to God for Giving Hope to Others
by God

Child, your will of Us to give hope is strong reason to have all Our love given they.

Heavenly Lord, our day be spent in hope,
For little effort made of us be needed
When You of God have given will.

Heavenly God, you who takes our will
Then credits us with love over many we ask about,
Have made earth life bearable once more.

Holy God in all our time spent of earth,
In pain of soul we come for you,
In happiness we accept your grace.

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The Lord's Prayer With Jesus

One day as I was talking with Jesus, He asked me to
say The Lord's Prayer, and He told me what it meant.

“While I have you with Me, say My prayer of God at My side.”

Our Father who art in Heaven,
“Your Father be present of your form always, through His spirit; Our child is
breathing God with each intake of air, each second is Us above.”

Hallowed be Thy name.
“God is a precious sound. It makes all things listen to it. Sky is of God, Land
of God, Sea of Our God.  All hear His name of them. For this reason alone, His
name means Holy Means of Being for all life.  Hallowed means: precious gift
of life for all seen and all unseen.”

Thy Kingdom come.
“This is Kingdom of truth and justice; of love over all that is. Kingdom is
coming for all Universe through Our plan of now. God will make His Kingdom
all things as the end of evil occurs this period of now time. Truth of all will be
 revealed to mankind. Justice for all things happen as truth shows through our
efforts given now. Our land of Earth is about to experience God all anew of what
has been shown they up until now. So prepare of what is coming, for God is
your truth of all that was around Earth, created in His form.”

“Jesus, are you saying that everything is created in God’s form?”
“All is God child; we are all created as God chose.”

“So we don’t look like God, we are created and the earth and sky, etc. are
created in God’s form, or formed by God?”

“Form of God is everything. Formed by God is design made by God of us.
Both are correct thinking child.”

“So then, being made in God’s likeness is not that God looks like us, it’s
His form?”

“Child now is your knowledge greater, for all of each made has form with
His in it.”

“Jesus, is the picture God gave me of Himself, how He looks always?”
“His form may change time an again to accommodate man’s need, but of us
 above, His picture of your mind remains always alike.”

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.
“Thy will be done on Earth be our chore child. God will adjust minds now
to know His will for all he created. Sky of God’s will, can change; River with
 God’s will, can flow upstream; boat with God’s will, can sink, but mankind of
God’s will can change all existence known them now. If all are doing Our will
on earth, then evil is no more needed they who penetrate Earth with sorrow
over loss with life made great of Us; so Earth shows each more how beautiful
 it is.  Animals grow stronger, plants weed themselves of evil done over them.”

“I never thought about evil affecting animals and plants.”
“Evil has changed all God created in Our planets; but as evil dissolves away
of this, everything will again change great with God’s order to it.
Yes, many things un-thought-of will happen over your lives.”
“I can’t wait to see these!”

Give us this day our daily bread
“God be your bread with life built in. All life be in He who is, was and is
 to come. So asking of this bread is what life requires. Bread given of Me in
Communion, be strong means of support your holy means of God. I am He
who was with you for a time; in Me is God, in He is Me. So as you eat bread
Communion, you take God 3 into your being for support life with We 3 of
your means daily given you through Our prayer.

“Child I know your doubt that this book be not complete of Our thoughts, I
tell you it be Our beginning only, so worry little with regard of this means.
It is more important that it be in Our children’s minds to start life anew,
than corrected of each thing needed they.”

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us;
“Yes is Our response. If those who ask forgiveness are standing before Our
Father in Heaven with honest thoughts of repentance on there minds, God
will forgive even humiliation of Him given from them who ignore Him
always, when doing their work or play around of His laws given they for
live life fully united with He who is.

“However this, if one says they will not forgive another who has injured
them, God your Father is against this act of they to harm another of His
children in every way given by they, and His answer of forgiveness remains
un-given them.

“All are judged justly of Us who come before them when We see time is at
hand for their end with life on Earth.  So more should be done on your part
to secure your home with He who loves you always; then is now being done
on earth. For in your end with earth, God wills My answer of your just
treatment given your fellow man, and should My answer be that you were
cruel or lied, or stole their wears, and killed them; your life be over of us,
and given he who has adjusted your love of God to that of evil, so none
will accept your soul into Heaven. You who know God, only slightly for
your honor to Him, will await justice given with those your fellow men
of earth who give little knowledge He who is, as
their daily chores in life.”

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil
“We will always find your way for you, if called on by you, to help you
through evil's efforts given against your lives. But as of this time, Our God
is delivering mankind of all evil beings over Earth surface, for free Our
children made evil by them. All will know how much love God has for
mankind now. He will come in force against any evil done on Earth,
through His children’s call with Us above. Should one child give God
thought while evil is at hand, Our LORD God is at their side instantly
of this call. For only of God is evil delivered from Earth.”

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by God

God asked that we remember Christ ‘s sacrifice at all our meals,
not just when we go to Communion.

Should they who come in holy way,
to take the bread of life;
Still hold His honor close for they,
when meal of house desire.

Have wine to say, Our LORD we pray
that forever we adore;
Your price in death that give we more
than God could justify.

Then bread be spread with
sweet of smell,
to place before His honor;
That in this gesture, Jesus taste
of all His just reward.

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