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God sent you here...Now buy His book to find out why.

Ok, I admit it, I was a doubting Thomas and even though I could hear God and He was giving me one beautiful prayer and statement after another, I still worried that I was just nuts. But each time I questioned my faith in what was happening, I said to myself, "Who else could have given me these statements?  Who else could know this stuff?" 

I doubted, even though, for years, so many things lead up to this moment when God would give His plan to me.  In 1967 when I was eighteen years old I began to get reoccurring visions; I knew it had something to do with God, but I didn't know God was calling me, I just thought they were cool.  Then I started to hear Angels in 1994; again not really putting two and two together.  This was followed by visions of twelve stars in1998.  By that time I was starting to get the idea something was up.  I worked on the stars for all these years but couldn't finish them until after I got the message about God's Plan. 

Yes, a ton of bricks had to fall on my head and still I spoke to God every morning and doubted by evening. I questioned God so much that finally one day He got tired of my doubting Him and He said this to me: 

 "Carol, My child of peace more with hope of Me, you should know God is always of your work without doubt towards Our will towards all We promise through this plan you publish of Our desire.

"So many times We come for this end of courage you have about Us, be you forget how much you mean to those who count of your desire of Us. Now please say after this, I with God in me, around me, through his mercy of me alone, by His desire to save My Earth plan with He alone; I give God praise of self before all of Heaven witness, I with He alone will come before mankind and swear allegiance of faith for save Us in the hearts of mankindNo more doubt Us around your mind or soul child, for all Heaven watches you swear alliance of Us above.

 "Grace be with you always as you turn Earth around soul with soul, moment to moment, brain for brain, lung of lung, heart of heart, cheek of cheek, foot towards My foot, walk strong love one of Me, for I have placed faith of Us strong within you, for knowing We will come soon to change all about Earth of Our desire.  

 "Tell all child, that God is charge of all above, below and in-between.  None who see you can doubt Us in you. I place My own glow over your life of Earth." 

Well that pretty much did it for me. God made me repeat His words as He gave them to me.  How can you doubt after God makes you swear an allegiance of faith in front of all Heaven. But to prove it to His doubting daughter, He gave me this little miracle to show me everything He gave me is true.  

 God told me that He would not heal me or allow healing through my hands until I finish all the chores He has given me to do.  There are many things God requires of me before I will be allowed to bring healing to thousands of people all over the world.

If you read the bible, you know how detailed God is in His plans. He has told me how he wants me to dress, what he wants in my house, he gave me a business plan and a spiritual plan, and who is to work with me initially and what their jobs will be. He told me who I have to get help from and who has to give approval to his plan.  I personally am very glad God is doing all the hard stuff and just telling me what to do every step of the way. However, I am not a patient person and or a healthy person, so you know I am going crazy waiting for the day to come when I will be healed and you will be able to ask for Jesus, through me, to heal also.

I have many jobs still to finish and believe me, God is rushing me, but He tells me that as soon as people find out they can come for healing, I will not have time to do any of the chores God requires.  So pray for me to finish fast.

In the meantime, let me tell you about one thing. God asked me to buy a statue of Jesus and set up a little alter in my house. He asked for a red vigil little to be lit all the time in front of the statue.  I went to a religious store and didn't like most of the small statues I saw because their faces were not painted very well.  But I turned around and saw a statue of Jesus holding a lamb and loved it.  I said to Jesus, "What do you think, do you like this one?"  He said, "It is very calming." I agreed and bought the statue.  When I got home I put it in the hall between the bedrooms so anyone passing could enjoy it. 

Last Christmas, I bought 6 vigil lights with battery operated lights inside.  Luckily two of them were red.   I was worried about a flame in the hallway all the time and so felt the battery operated candle would be safer.  I used the lights for only two nights at Christmas, so they had a little power left.  The instructions that came with them said they would last 48 hours. I must have used about 16 hours so I knew I would soon have to get replacements. 

The red glass had a little red wick that lit and flickered. I checked it every day because God said a light had to be lit in front of Jesus all the time. This little light flickered for 15 days.  God told me this was to show me proof that all He said was true. When that one died, I used the green wick from another of the Christmas candles, and added a second vigil light with a battery operated light I just purchased a few days before. These were 70 hour batteries so I figured they would last 70 hours. But... The green light lasted 35 days and the first yellow light lasted 25 daysThe second yellow light was lit from July 27th until today September 18th, 2008, totaling 54 days and it is still a tiny flick of light, but I am changing it to prevent it from going out when I am unaware.

"God it's in your hands. You are showing me that Jesus is truly the light of the world, and my little house."

Ok, I know you may be thinking this is a fluke.  I did test this little miracle, because I knew people would not believe it.  I also have a statue of the Infant of Prague that was my grandmothers. (I have another story about that statue.) Anyway, I told you that I bought 6 vigil lights last Christmas.  So, I took the other battery lights and put those vigil lights in front of the Infant.  The one's that I put in front of the Infant died at the appropriate amount of time. While the one's in front of the new Jesus statue all lived on well past the battery life stated by the manufacturers.  Yes two different manufacturers and the same outcome. 

Only my husband is witness to this miracle and knows how wonderful it is.  But he has had another miracle in these past few months.  My husband was diagnosed with chronic depression years back.  He saw a psychiatrist and took drugs for a while, but even though it improved a bit, he still felt as though he was living in a cloud. He told me a few months ago how hard it was for him to live with this clouded thought process all the time.  It was an effort to think clearly and though he is a very inteligent man, he normally stayed quiet.  I have known him for over 36 years and he has always been rather quiet unless he felt very comfortable and sure of himself.

God told me that my husband would be with me on all our trips to every country around the world.  So I prayed to Him to heal Richard so that he could do God's will.

One day my husband said to me, I don't have that clouded feeling anymore, it just went away.  I would not have believed this miracle except for the fact that suddenly I could not shut him up. He was enjoying his new found freedom of thought and clarity so much that he had to share every thought with anyone who was around him.  I am so happy for him and thank God for this healing.  Now I have to pray for quiet time.

These miracles are not the first I have been privileged to watch.  I worked with a man who was very sick and he asked me to take Reiki healing with him.  My mom had just found out she had Cancer and so I said I would go with him to class.

I know a lot of people have had some healing through this means, and I only had one problem with what I was being taught, I could not ask any past, departed Reiki spirits to guide me; so I replaced that part with Jesus.  I then found it uncomfortable to visualize symbols that meant nothing to me, so I replaced the symbols with thoughts of God, creating my own form of helping people.  I found that it was just best to get out of the way when Jesus is working. So unless I saw a vision of where to move my hands, I simply kept them over the spot I was told was sick. 

One day my sister-in-law called from the hospital, she had a large abscessed cyst and the doctors felt it was very deep and they were going to operate the next morning. She asked me to come to give her Reiki healing.  Her daughter was there when I got to the hospital and I told her to put her hand on my hand and the other on her mother’s leg. I put one hand on her stomach where the cyst was, careful not to touch her.  I could feel heat radiating up from the infection so I held my hand a half inch above.  I stayed in that position for over a half hour waiting for guidance from Jesus.  Then I saw a vision of my right hand on the bottom of her right foot, and my left hand still over her stomach.  

I moved my hand to her foot and wondered what was wrong with her foot. I didn’t want to ask her because I had put earphones on her and was playing soft music to relax her.  In only a few minutes I was surprised to feel the heat in her stomach cool down.  I knew once that had happen, that Jesus had brought her healing. 

She told me the next day that the doctors were surprised that the red color of her skin had faded and the depth of the cyst was not as bad as they expected from their tests, so the surgery went much easier. Then much later she told me that she received spiritual healing that day. It changed her life and she began to pray the Rosary several times each day and spent time learning about God and Jesus through reading the bible and watching the religious networks.  She attributes this faith healing to Jesus and she said when I put my hand under her foot, she could feel something going out of her body through her foot.  Praise the Lord. Who knew there was nothing wrong with her foot, and that Jesus was using it to expel evil’s deeds in her.   

I never question the visions from Jesus; so many times I move my hand and people say to me, “Oh that is where I hurt myself.”  I am always amazed and smile to God when that happens. If it was up to me, I would never know how to help them. I rely on the Lord one hundred percent.  I don’t see everyone I touch heal, but I would not have known about my sister-in-laws spiritual healing, or even what happen when I held her foot, if she had not told me about it. 

 I don’t do much of this type of healing now; I am pretty busy with all the chores God gave me and I am waiting for what God promised will be a better way, and looking forward to seeing many people healed in one day.

 This is what God told me:
“Now for today, Jesus wills you pray with strong conviction for those who need His healing for mind as well as body. “Say of they who wait for this,  

I with Jesus Christ, come in honor to God Almighty to bless even those who think little toward His Holy Name, but faith brings they forward of me, who comes in His name. For your faith in God’s Child, both Me and His very own Son Jesus Christ, I allow My Father in Heaven My hands to use on your behalf. For this be His holy answer given in response for your faith. 

 Bow to God, child of love, for I am blessing you now of all you need that will bring health back to those who have been harmed by Satan’s evil ways.    

“I of all Heaven and Earth, give My child her Hands of Christ that all she touch from this day forward on, be given health of Us on High. That all she know of Us, be given to those who come forth in hope of Us, and all is then done with My will sake given they who praises God. Child with Holy Hands, give Me your oath of Me that all will come gratefully of your being.”    

 Then Jesus gave me these words to repeat to God in an oath. 

God, Father and love to all who You created, I your humble child, undeserving of your goodness, offer you my oath by your Holy Name that any who come will be given your Holy Hands to heal. For only in You and with You are these hands able to give health.”  


September 11, 2008

On this day, before I went to pick up my sister to take her to the doctor, God told me that I could lay the Hands of Christ on her that day and also on my mom. I am forbidden to offer healing in this way to anyone and only allowed to touch people after they ask for Christ in my presence. I then can ask Jesus where to place His hands on them. I am only the servant of God and healing never comes through me but only through Jesus Christ.

When I got to my sisters apartment, I knew she would not ask for Christ, and she did not know God would allow a healing today. So I said to her, “Ask for Jesus.”  I had been reminding her that she never asked for Him even though she read God’s instructions in His book.  So when I suggested she ask, she knew she should ask now. When she finished, I asked Jesus where to place His hands on her. He told me to place them on her head, and then gave me a few words to repeat after Him. I am sorry but it is now weeks later as I write this and I can’t remember the words.


She had been going through chemo and had finished radiation treatments and the side effects were taking there toll on her, she had very little energy and many areas of pain. The tumor that had been under radiation had shrunk 75% but was still there. That day she looked very bad when I got there and I was grateful God had given permission to help her. After we hugged and cried, she told me she didn’t know how she was even going to make it to the car that day, she had such little energy left. But now she said, I have more energy, I feel a lot better. She had been lying down in the car every time she went to the doctor and for treatment because of the pains, but that day on the way to the car she said, “I think I want to sit in the front seat.” I said, “Are you sure you feel up to it?” She said, “Yes, I feel pretty good right now.”


The next day she called me and told me the tumor was draining a lot more than usual. She asked if this was part of God’s doing. I told her it was God draining it from her. In five days the draining slowed to very little. When I took her to the doctor the next time, the tumor was not large enough for the doctor to feel and he thought it was completely gone.  The last scan test showed it very small.  But her energy has picked up and her color improved greatly and even though her cancer is not gone completely, we have hope in the Lord. He seems to be healing her one step at a time.


October 13, 2008

 I took my sister to the hospital to get chemo and have some tests taken. While she was in the recliner chair receiving her chemo, she said to me. “I had a vision from God that I was holding your feet.” She had been following God’s plan and receiving visions now an again, so I told her since that is what God wants you to do, then we should do it.

I have had problems with my low back for most of my life, and my spine is very crooked in that area which caused nerves to be pinched off, and so it affects my feet. When I started hearing God in 2006, He asked me not to see a doctor about this problem for reasons He gave me; and I agreed to His command of me. Since then the problems have  worsen and the pains severe at times, they tend to slow me down and that does try my patience, but I do not let these pains stop me from doing anything God requires of me, nor do I let them keep me from helping my family.


When we got back to my sisters apartment from the hospital and our few errands, we had a small dinner and then I sat in a recliner chair with my feet up and my sister sat on a cushion at my feet. She placed one hand on the top of each foot and said that it was the way she saw her hands in the vision.  As she held her hands on my feet, God told me what to say to her; most of which I can’t remember. The most of what God said was about how important these feet would be to the world. My feet were throbbing and parts numb and all I could think as I repeated His words was that I could not imagine how I was going to do all the walking God was telling her that I would be doing.  

We both thought that God might heal me by her holding my feet that day. In fact we both hoped that He would. But God had something else in mind and the next statement He gave me to tell her was this: “Because of her pain, your pain will heal.” My sister looked up at me and said, “Does He mean my pain will heal because of the pain in your feet?”  I said yes, that is what He means. My sister had been in pain since February that year after a surgery to de-bulk a large tumor and reconstruct her bowels. We had thought that once the tumor shrunk down to nearly nothing, that the pain would go away; but it had not and we asked the doctor to examine her to see if it could be a muscular tear or pull that was giving her pain. He said it felt like a hernia that happened during surgery.


We were both surprised that while she held my feet God took that pain away from her. I said to her, I don’t mind being in pain if it means you will heal; at least there is a good reason for it.  I stayed at her apartment only a short time more and then went home.


A while later I called to see how she was and my mom told me that the pain had come back and she had taken a pain pill and went to bed.  I couldn’t believe it, and was beside myself with doubts and grief that God would take back His miracle.


That night I could not sleep, the vigil lights had no longer been staying on for days as they had for months and now this. I said to my husband, what could God be doing, I have never heard of a saint story where miracles had been reversed. I just don’t understand. He said to me, “Just have faith, it will be ok.” I said, “I do have faith, but I don’t understand this.”


The next morning, my sister woke me with a phone call. She said she had been in a lot of pain the night before when I called and didn’t realize that the pain was coming from a different area and she thought it was gas bubbles. She told me that the pain God took was still gone and had not come back at all. As I was crying from the news and relief, I handed the phone to my husband and told her to tell him what she just told me. In tears I turned my head to the side and looked at my Blessed Mother statue. The vigil light that had gone out two days earlier was shining brightly as if I had just changed the battery in it. The joy at seeing that made my tears fall even harder as I said to my husband, “Look at the Blessed Mother.” He said, “I did” and a big smile crossed his lips as he listened to my sister tell her story.


I said to him; go check the other vigil lights to see if they are lit bright like this one. He checked and only the one in front of Our Lady was shinning brightly. I told him, she must have had something to do with Jo’s healing and showing me through the vigil light that God’s miracles are not reversing.  While my husband checked the other rooms, I was telling my sister about the vigil light and she said to me, " Last night when I was in all that pain, I prayed t the Blessed Mother."   I no longer need the lights to stay on to believe, instead of letting them fade out to nothing over time, I keep new batteries in them to make them bright for Jesus and Mary all the time; and seeing that bright light reminds me of that morning and God’s promises to me.


August and September 2009
5 weeks of terror and the Jesus pillow

Let me first explain the Jesus pillow. Above you may have read about my Jesus statue, which I just love. Every time I pass by it in the hallway of my house, I touch it and ask Jesus to help me. One day, as I was touching the statue, God said to me, “Every time you touch Jesus, He touches you back.” I loved hearing that from God.

Well, I have very bad pain in my feet from nerves in my back and some nights it is impossible to sleep from the pain. So one early morning about 6am, I was icing my back to try to get the pain under control. My husband got up and said to me, “Are you still up?” He was standing next the Jesus statue at the time, so I “said, “Yes, will you hand me the statue next I to you.”  I put the statue next to my heart and began to say the Our Father for the evil angels giving me all the pain, to go back to the love of God. Within five minutes the pain was easing up, and I took the statue and went to bed holding it in my arms close to my heart.

I fell asleep immediately. I took the statue to bed with me for two and weeks after that, and every time I did, the same thing again, with the same results. But, rolling over on that hard statue was not very comfortable, so I asked God if I could take a picture of it and transfer it onto a pillowcase. God told me that if I sell or give the pillowcases to others, that He would help them also.  So I made one for myself, my husband and my mom and will soon be selling them for anyone who needs Jesus to hold onto. God also gave me a prayer to Jesus to say as you hold the pillowcase.

My 91 year old mom was in the hospital for the second time since May, and having a terrible time. She did not bring her pillow with her, so I made her a pink one and she loved it and kept it with her all the time.  She got a lot of compliments on the pillow and it made her feel special when she needed to feel something other than fear and pain.

Everything the doctors did to improve one area caused another area to have a reaction. Most of those reactions made her even worse than she already was.  Talk about a woman who was going through the 'JOB' nightmare. The Jesus pillow was so good for her to hold onto when none of us could be at her side. It was such a comfort for her and for me because I felt Jesus was there with her to care for her.

We brought her in for congestive heart failure, and right away they gave her drugs to clear her lungs of fluid. This drug caused her terrible pain all over her body. From there, her blood pressure was up and down to large degrees and the doctors could not regulate it. They suggested a stent in her kidney, and God told me it would help her. She was very calm the day they put the stent in because she trusted God to guide her. Everything was fine, and then an antibiotic they gave her to ward off infection, gave her an infection instead.

Her legs were bright red as if someone took a red marker and dotted her feet and calves thousands of time. We were told not to touch her, and I hated that because she really needed to be loved and touched at that time. She was so frustrated and frightened and just wanted to go home. But she was also getting very week from being in bed for so long and from the infection which was not going away.  

I went to the hospital the night her legs turned so red and I put one hand on her heart and the other on her right foot as Jesus instructed me to do. I was not worried about getting her infection, I knew Jesus was protecting me and I was being told to help her. The two of us prayed together for over a half hour, and I could see she appreciated someone caring for her soul and body this way.

When Jesus told me it was finished, I took my hands off of her and said to her, “Tomorrow, the red will be only light pink.” She said to me, "How do you know?" and I told her, "Because that is what happen to Janet (my sister-in-law) when Jesus helped her."  Then I looked down at her foot and said, "Look, it is
becoming pink."  We both laughed and cried at the same time, to see that Jesus had indeed started her healing.  Before I left that night, I was going to sprinkle her with holy water and also sprinkle around her room to send all evil spirits away from her. But the little stopper on the water bottle fell out and I didn’t notice, Z so I ended up dousing her pretty good with the water and we both had a good laugh at her surprise when it hit her.

We prayed so much during those five weeks of her torment by evil. And I wish I could tell you that she was cured completely and was able to go home. However, so many things happened that should not have happened. Too many doctors all concerned with there own area of expertise and giving her drugs and treatments that harmed other areas in trouble also. Then to top that off, her insurance would not let her stay in the hospital when she was in no shape to leave. We had to take her to two different rehab facilities and she was too weak and too sick to be rehabbed, and was not taken care of properly at all. My sister and I were beside ourselves with worry over leaving her for even a few hours.

My mom offered all her suffering up for the poor souls in Purgatory, and one night she said to me, “I have been offering all this up, but God still is not healing me.” I put my hand on her head and told her, “Mom, it doesn’t work that way. God is going to take all He needs from you to free souls from Purgatory. When we offer God our help for them, we need to be willing to give all God is asking for.”

We took her back to the hospital two times within a week. She got pneumonia from not being able to breathe properly in the nursing home because even though they knew she had congestive heart failure, they would not move her from a room reeking with room deodorizer and perfumes that her roommate insisted on using. My sister and I begged them several times to move her but they did not move her until it was too late and she was already suffering from pneumonia and needed to go back to the hospital again. Even though
they said she needed breathing treatments, they would not give her one because the doctor was not there that night. I am holding my head in pain about this as I write this because I was with her that night and kept asking the nurses if she should go to the hospital or if they thought she would be ok. Of course, it took them until the next morning to say she needed a hospital.

 I can tell you one thing; this experience has made me desire to completely leave my care in God’s hands. I would rather die in God’s hands than be tormented by doctors and nursing home personal that don’t care one way or the other if someone dies.  You know the old story about having to keep unemotional about their patience’s because people die. I think they should treat people the way God would treat them, with love and mercy and caring if they die just as if this were their very own family member, because for God, it is a family member to them.

Everyone I talk to tells me that when you have someone in a nursing home, you have to go everyday to make sure they are being taken care of properly. This really doesn’t make much sense to me at all. Why are they allowed to be in business as a care giver if no one thinks they actually give the proper care?  In all my life, I have never seen my mom afraid, but those few days in ‘The Sanctuary at the Abby’ nursing home, in Warren, Michigan; I saw terrible fear on her face because she knew she was not being cared for and she would die from what was happening to her.  She told me she saw other people being mistreated also and that she was afraid every time my sister and I tried to get them to help her, because she feared the personnel would treat her worse. She had been in two other nursing homes in her life and she never once said anything like that about the other two, so I knew she was truly frightened for her life this time. I was frightened for her life also and it turned out to be a righteous worry.

God won’t let me sue the nursing home for what they did to her that my sister and I believe caused her death. But I wanted to tell all of you the name of this nursing home so that you don’t take your loved ones there also.  God told me I had to forgive those who did this to my mom. So I do forgive them, but I will never suggest anyone go there and I hope God finds a way to close them down. I do know that they are in for some really bad Karma for all that they put us through and all they put others through.

On September 25, 2009, I got to the hospital and my mom was on a breathing apparatus and she looked frightened and very bad. The day before when the ambulance took her to the hospital, she was too ill to remember her Jesus pillow. So when I got to the hospital, I told her, “Don’t worry, I am here and I brought Jesus with me. I put the pillow under her head and placed my hands on her forehead and heart.

She could hardly breathe and I immediately asked God what was happening to her because the night before I was with her for four hours and she was doing very well. God told me He was taking my mom home.  I called the family and I said the Divine Mercy Chaplet at her bedside and at the same time, my husband and sister-in-law were saying the Chaplet for her from where they were. At the end of the Chaplet, without thinking, I said to Jesus, "Jesus, I give you my mommy." I think of that now and it amazed me that I have become so close to Jesus that I knew He was there with me and I had no doubts that Jesus would bring her to Heaven. My sister and I were holding her hands when she passed as she slept deeply.  

 I was so happy that my mom got another miracle from Jesus and that I was there to witness His healing her for the third time since He began to teach me what He wanted me to do for Him. With my hand on her and Jesus working through me, He healed her cancer when the doctors gave up on her; he healed a bleeding polyp that threatened her life, when the doctors insisted on giving her blood thinners because they put a stent in her carotid artery. But my favorite thing that Jesus did for her was something I didn’t get to witness; Jesus appeared to her twice to comfort her.

Not everyone I place my hand on heals, but every time someone is healed even a little, to take them out of pain, it is so wonderful to see their faces and hear them praise the Lord for even small miracles. And I get to be there to see these happen. I am so blessed to know God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and be a servant to them.  I am looking forward to many more events of love from my Heavenly 3. 

June, 2011

One day as I was leaving my apartment to go shopping, I stopped for a moment to talk to my neighbor Mo.
While we talked, she was rubbing her foot and she told me that her foot had been hurting her for three weeks.
She had a lot of work to do and her foot was making it hard for her to stand and work.

Because I just don't know when God will be ready for me to begin healing people, and because I am still
unsure of what I need to do for someone without Jesus directing my every move; I looked up to heaven and
asked if it would be God's will for me to place my hand on her foot.

I had only put my hand on her for a few moments and another neighbor came by and took Mo's attention away.
She told the neighbor that I was healing her foot, but kept right up with her conversation with the
 neighbors around us.  I had to get her attention to tell her the healing was done. Then to my surprise, out of
my mouth came the words, "Your foot will heal in three days."

I had never told anyone a time limit for their healing before and wondered why I would feel so
sure that in three days the foot would be healed. I can only attribute that statement to The Holy Spirit,
because I would never have the nerve to presume to know such a thing.

In three days, her foot healed completely and she was out of pain. Then she complained about her arm and I put my
hand on her arm but no healing took place at all.  A few weeks later, when she came to complain about her hip
and back, she told me that her arm healed completely and no longer hurt. We are now working on the hip.


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