From: God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, the Angels and Rebecah

Place For Hope With God

Received 12-19-2006
 – God
"I know you worry over all you have completed. I tell you that all is done of Our
want of it; none will come forth to challenge your work. But now you must

finish, for soon is Our time to begin your training of healing others, and for giving
your work over. This time is your peacefulness of spirit, for all that will happen
soon; will give you courage of Our name for you."

"What is Your name for me?“

"We call your actions, 'Place for hope with God'. This has been brought of your work,
to those who seek truth. You will carry this name; give it when asked where you are."

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 The Angels Who Came to Me

One day I got curious about whom the Angels were that gave me the poems and
God’s Plan, so I asked God who they were. God’s answers as He gave them:

Angel’s name who wrote the name of the book and poems:
Ethioris, beloved aid to Archangel Raphael.

Angel who gave the LORD’S plan:
His great honor of Archangel Gabriel.

Angel who gave the prayers:
Adora, Sign of Peace in God, Archangel’s aid.

Angels who gave me encouragement to listen to the LORD’S plan:
Sladar and Andelic, Heavenly Guide, Power of God.

“And then He wants me to do what? Oh no, God help me!”

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 Judging Another Without The Knowledge God Has
by God

"Today is right day of your mind to come to God
for effort of Me. This day I
need mankind in communion with this soul who knows little when
it comes
to judging another. For now, this moment
in time, give your brother thoughts
honest of his way, say that God requires all His children
remember that to
honestly say of someone else’s
desires of life, then one needs all knowledge of
this, given through Our LORD God.
Pray for those who say they do God's will
when judging their fellow man. For God does not allow
one to make judgments
in His name."

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  Regarding God’s Plan
by Jesus

On October 3, 2006, Jesus gave me this message for the book. I am sorry but
it didn't make it into the book because I received many more messages from
God and Jesus that replaced this one. However, I would like you to know what
was said to me that day.
"I with His Most High, wish all who read this message of hope more to live happily
of this earth.

"When earth was created, God had goodness for all intended, but due our adversary
of evil means, our plans of earth were set aside by his deeds to souls we put here.
Now Father of all created is giving your lives new hope and renewed glory of life,
because He wishes His children know Him as love of all beings and as caregiver to
every person He has created.  None should ever hope for God and not receive His
help. Today your Heavenly Father is taking back His earth from evil doers and giving
it back to His lost souls who have been brutalized by Satan over centuries.

"Your Heavenly Father has come again in glory over evil and gives all His
children life anew."

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 Location of The Garden of Eden   - Rebecah's talk with God


 Where on the Earth did You put the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve?

“My daughter, this is what I tell you so that others can know this question about Mother of women, Father to men. When I gave My first children home with land, great plant life was there way for survival. 

In Chin, a region lower than Galilee is Eden. 

This be Our first lush ground with water around its edge for animals growth.  Lush lands all over given they. Over years many moved on toward more destinations guided by Me, so that all earth could populate strong.  When it be time again for Son with God on Earth,
I again come of this place for enter Earth.”

Will You explain this description in the Bible?

 And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became four heads.

“ This being Jordan river, which move along until flow of sea, known by Me of Our time given before Earth flood, as Pishon; which today, known of your Earth to be Aqaba Gulf.”

So are you saying that the Jordan flowed to the Salt Sea and then down to the Gulf?

“ I will thee give account that all land before Our flood was changed in part, for God is capable to make what hisself (Satan) denied of man, then available once again.”

 The name of the first is Pishon: that is it which compasseth the whole land of
Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.

Is Havilah part of Arabia?

“ Yes child, this be lush of Gold and good earth to those who dwell in it.”

 And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Cush.

“I have given your mind much evidence that Gihon be surrounding Africa starting with Red Sea and ending in Indian Ocean and around to Atlantic Ocean.”

 And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth in front of Assyria.  And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

When you flooded earth, did you flood all of earth or just the areas where people existed?

“ In that time no area was with flood that could survive. Some of Earth be holy grounds with no remorse given them of us above. But in Our Earth wasted of good source they, I come upon them to change this of evil angels and show them power over them is mine. All but Noah’s family be given death by drown in flood. All else be only earth or vegetation made. Animals also are gone if influence of evil prevail of them.  Jordon be beautiful because was once land of God.”

If this description bothers you, then read prayer 14; Jesus explains God's order and how Rivers would flow in whichever direction God wanted them to flow.



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I would like to share a conversation I had with God in July 2006.

Father, I love You and the way You do things.
"Child of My love over Earth, many of your people believe thus toward your God of High, but none understand Our efforts toward them the way I have given this of your thoughts with Me. So none know how Earth would be when no longer given Satan’s answer to solve Earth dilemma. My thought to you for this time be simple, little child, one in peace of God who knows all and adjusts many things given great effort by he who brings disease. Be holy, then all will happen you pray of. That is all required of Earth from Us above, that Earth remain My holy people, blessed of Us for sake be Me.

"Child of Our Lord, He who knows all is with you today out of love alone. For today your mind gives answers end reward. You know how great God’s love over all has given strength again to some who remain strong source your way."

How should mankind say the Rosary to pray for the end of evil?
"Give God thought… say,
Our God of all Heaven above, grace us Your children with Your love so that as we pray this day, Heaven and Earth unit in true form and honor Our Father more than has done previously, so that none who need help go without Your divine mercy. God of Heaven give us your light through Jesus Christ Your Holy One of Earth who spent time in our mist for the sake of your divine soul's force given He who knows you.

"Then in united words of He who came, say Our Lord’s Prayer first, then of belief second, and of Our Lord again. He who comes of Us above should give knees bent so that We see you worship in honor towards your Father above you. Say your prayers slowly, wholly of truth within your form. Spend your time of Us sacred in trust that all you pray for be given unto your world.

"As you pray feel Our power surround you. We of God are with thee."  

 Will you give me the Mysteries of Faith again?
"I will now.
1.   God has come to plan Earth’s safety.
2.   God rids all evil of this planet.
3.  Holy way be only source of life now, Kingdom of God be all around us forever more.
4.   All earth know Our Father and Christ Jesus exist.
5.   None die of any cause, save of God bringing them of Heaven." 




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