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Your Donation to God's Holy Plan is Needed and Appreciated 


" I have come for you in spirit of love for man;
now man should come for Me, with spirit of love of God."

"This I wish all to know;
God has asked Our Child for message of this given
for world peace with God, not peace of world.
This is God's Plan; world peace with God."
 —Jesus Christ

Please send donations to:
God’s Holy Plan to Save
44315 Sunnyside Dr  #103
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Make checks payable to:
God’s Holy Plan, Inc.
You may use a credit card or your bank account through PayPal,
it's easy to become a PayPal member but not necessary in order to donate.

Your donations are accepted with graced gratitude to God, whom you have honored today through your gift to support His Plan. God wants you to get your rewards in Heaven for helping with His plan. Be aware your donation is not tax deductible but instead will bring you a purse of wealth in Heaven and grace from God on Earth.  God has asked me to be sure to tell you that He loves you. I am smiling as I type this because God made such a point in telling me to include that statement.

My husband and I are the only people who work for God's Holy Plan, Inc.  Your donation will be used solely for that which God is asking us to do. We have used every bit of our savings and retirement accounts to do God's will and now rely on donations to help us accomplish all God has asked of us.

This is a conversation I had with God about accepting Donations.

Rebecah - "God, what should I do about taking money from others?"
God - "When one is healed and has great wealth, it be your duty of Us to ask of them courageous donation for poor souls suffering on earth.  They be in debt of Me... who will give evidence strong that life be given of them through love of Us, your God's soul.  If they have no apparent funds, you simply heal for free spirit. No effort is given of they who come."

Rebecah - "What about any who choose to donate?"
God - "All donations be holy, so let this happen gradually so that none feel I require it be so. In all situations say to those who give, God is happy for your effort toward keeping His daughter on her path of this life.  I accept this donation for His praise only. Then you may accept food and shelter of any who offer it.  But hold fast against they
who offer bread of soul - that which is extended of you as pay of your desire toward an end.  I will assist your mind when one comes in wrong order to give for selfish means they.  They who see your effort given only onto Me, will know we are in your
thoughts always."





May Our Heavenly Father bless you with abundance
in every sense of the word.



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