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Contact Us 

If you are interested in learning more about God’s Plan or Rebecah’s experiences
with God, and would
like to invite Rebecah and Richard to your Church; please
send us an e-mail with your intentions. We
will send you our schedule and
requirements. At this time e-mail is the easiest and most appropriate way to contact
us until we have other means set up.

We are only getting started with setting up our company and due to lack of funds to
pay help, most of the work is done solely by Rebecah. So patience, patience please. I
say that not only for you but also for myself, for many things I am doing are for the
very first time. You are allowed to smile at my mistakes, but be kind as God would
want you to. I will tell you this, God has laughed Himself at my lack of knowledge
in some areas.

We do not charge to speak at your Church, however if it
is located outside of the
Roseville, Michigan area, we ask that you help us with accommodations.

If you would like us to pray for you, we are pleased to do that for you.

Rebecah / God’s Holy Plan
44315 Sunnyside Dr #103
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
E-mail us at:  godsholyplan@gmail.com 










During the last 5 to 6 years, I have collected many pictures from websites claiming they are Public Domain or Free for use on personal projects or websites.
 I never thought I would be creating a website and saved the files for personal use. Now I have used many of them on this site, but do not have the artists or
photographers names to thank for these great images. I do not want to infringe on anyones copyright, so if your image is on this site and you want it removed,
I will of course do that.  However, I hope you allow the use of these because some of them make a very wonderful impact and mankind needs to see the pictures
you have created or taken, to keep them aware that God is watching our every move, right or wrong.  I will be happy to give you credit if you contact me.

Copyright 2008. God's Holy Plan, Inc.. All rights reserved.



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Satan at Work (Part Two)    Tortured Star Collection
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