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Join people from all over the world who are reading and following God's Plan


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GOD’S HOLY PLAN to Save Earth’

By Lord of All Heaven and Through His Holiest Angels:

As told to Carol Aubuchon


New book reveals startling truths about God and His plan to change Earth.



Why should everyone on Earth know what is in this book?

 Satan is doing his best to stop you from knowing God’s Plan.


What if I told you that God has changed the game plan?


Discover what God wants from us before He will save Earth. What is God waiting for? He has sent the Archangel Gabriel to give this plan to mankind through Carol. Read the Angel’s actual words and follow God’s guidelines.


Learn how to protect yourself from the devastation Satan has planned for Earth in the next few years.  Find out how with God’s help we can keep Satan from bringing the Antichrist to Earth and the final destruction of Earth from taking place.


What would you be willing to do to save the world from final destruction?  God is asking you, “Will you do it?”


You will love God’s gentle manner as He guides mankind back to His laws, and shows us the way He wants them obeyed.  Enjoy the many poems and prayers scattered throughout this book that were given by the Angels. Let this small book from Heaven bring hope back to you at a time when all Earth is in fear from current affairs and upcoming events. God has come to help His children battle against Satan’s last grand effort to take souls to hell before evil is taken off the Earth forever.

A must read for all mankind.

About the Author 

I Am. This I say of myself, for no other will give you a guide to My will of you. I give this book to My children, so that they come to Me for all blessings regarding earth.  Many have called My name lately for an end to earth’s terrors. I hear your lovely prayers to Me and want your love for each other, through Me, to be this answer you require.  Have faith in Me, trust Our child Carol to give Our instructions, and earth will again praise God with honor, through love that My soul desires from you.”

   "We're with you God. Kick him out!"  "And you are nothing but trouble!"
               "Get off the Planet!"          "Stay away from my kids!"  


  "This book just knocks me out!"   



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