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About the Author 
LORD of All Heaven

This page is written by God


"I, your God, am the author of this book.  None done with regard to My plan is without My word of its source given. So when word of this novel is given, then say of it, God alone is My teacher due this course written. 

"There is no right way for God to give a book to earth without use of Our children who live upon its surface. Down through the ages, many of My
children have given words of Me to mankind, written down in manuscripts and left for those who then put them  into your Holy structures. 

"I say of all these who have given account of God throughout time.  These of Me are holy with Heaven for their efforts to give mankind My word, requires them to quietly listen of Me, alone in their space made for holiness of Me. My daughter of earth, your sister Carol, is presently of Our will to give word of this plan to you. She is of little mind regarding each step given her, so has asked many questions of Us. We gladly answer
her, for she will lead all earth through this change, in form and rules given. 

"We wish all earth know Our child is nervously awaiting orders from her Heavenly Father about Our first course of action towards changing earth over to a more loving environment for all to live in. We need much support of Our child, for she of Us is blessed by My hand to give support to any who come of her aid. However, those who choose evil against her, will be forced away from her by My will for them. 
Give your sister time to tell you what is given her, for all changes of earth are not written within this small book given now.

"I will allow you the
next two years to begin forming a new procedure of life with Me as foremost of your souls.  In this time, My child will come to your nations with words given strictly of your present form of actions toward God.  Should you give Our child problems as she directs your way toward Me, I will adjust your thoughts with events great that will fear even those who possess great valor and strength. I will do this to give you a chance to adjust your thoughts during My show, to let you know who is at power over your life. Should you harm My child as she prays of your see the truth of Us around you, I will not stop this event at all. She is the only one who can ask of Us to end Our evidence shown. Be careful of your treatment of Our
child, for she is precious of Us in
Heaven and important to the success of this change Earth plan.

"For very private reason of God, we offer you Our holy manner through this child. She will adjust minds of Our will, while she brings The Holy Spirit of God to command evil away from you. This be done for all who ask of it and special healing will take place of all who need Our help to survive disease brought on by Satan. Not all will be allowed this means to heal. For Our purpose is not to increase pains of mankind, but to rid earth of means done solely by evil. You have medical help to adjust smaller illness matters. So do not look of Our child for common cold
problems, she will need time to give help of those most scorned by evil dwellers around them.

"Patient little child she is not, so give her peace of her soul as she moves around your earth to heal those most in need. She wishes healing done through Churches and hospitals so as not to bring media parade against those of serious illness. I approve this order she asks for. All done of Us is of Holy means and should be kept private when done. For this reason, I give permission of her to place door between those being healed and all
others who come to pray for earth changes. Give this means your consideration when ask of her to come of your Church. 

"I say this one last thing at this time.  When I send My word of earth to you, do not give Us excuse that you do not believe what you know to be true. For I am your LORD and I know of your mind’s answer to Me. You know this be Our way to give you courage to change. So never let
those around your soul say We would not send help in whatever manner We choose appropriate. 

"None have been given  this plan but Our child Carol. None will know what to bring you except this child.  I speak to her everyday, for she
is reverent and true of Our purpose of her life. None who have given her worry have changed her call of Me. For this reason she is blessed of Us.

"Now go and bring others to Our way of peace to God’s soul. For all earth need know these lessons before earth shall once again be blessed of its original form given Adam and Eve."



                    "I'm too excited to sleep!"       "God's coming to help us!"                        


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