This Corporation and website are dedicated to God 3
(When God speaks to me about The Holy Trinity, He refers to His three persons as: God 3 Us. 
I was surprised and smiled when I first heard Him use the expression. But I think it is so cute.
Sometimes God can just say the most wonderful things and you just simply have to smile up to Him.)

God’s Holy Plan, Inc.

Mission Statement: Written by Jesus for Rebecah.

"I ask that my all will be given up for sake with God The Father,
and that no effort be made on my own without LORD Jesus Christ
at my side forever. God willing me is my plea today."

 We set up this Corporation to aid us to do God’s will as He has given it to me in the past few years that I have been privileged to hear His words daily. God asked me to take His plan to the entire world and teach His children how He wants them to live on His Earth when He takes Satan and all evil out of our Universe. He has also asked me to do His will to heal those who come for Jesus through me. I have no control over who will heal or anything regarding the healings. I am simply there as God’s servant when He asks it of me. I make no claim to be a healer and give all honor and glory to God for anything He does that I am privileged to witness with you.

Luke 12:32-34
32"Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. 33Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will not be exhausted, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. 34For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I want to tell you that when God allows you to earn money to do His will, He also has the exit plan for that money worked out already. We have already found that out by simply getting this book on the market. We had to self-publish God’s book to keep any publishers from changing even one word written by God, or His Angels. I wanted you to experience God’s coming in the same manner that I was receiving His word. So I didn’t change anything given to me, and hold complete copyright to this book.

It is harder to read because I didn’t change God’s grammar or that of the Angels, but it may be the first time anyone has been able to read God’s words as they were given. I am happy to do this for you, my brothers and sisters, so that you can appreciate how lovely God speaks to us. I am very pleased to be able to give you this Plan because I know if we follow it, we will live a wonderful life on Earth without fear, and for the first time in history, we will all know our Heavenly Father intimately. I would ask that you read God’s book more than once so that you get used to His manner of speech; once you do, you will love it as much as I do. I get a kick out of the fact that every word from God is profound.

My husband and I continue to struggle to pay our bills and live modestly, and we rely on God to help us accomplish His will. I have not been able to work more than a few days here and there in the last six years, and spend most of my time on what God expects of me. My husband lost his job last February and we are currently living on his unemployment, so all our travel at God’s command of us and all our bills will by paid through the sale of God’s book and the few products we are planning to offer with pictures of the Stars God gave to me in 1998.

We ask that if you want to help us; please buy books and buy some for your friends, family and the poor. Our LORD asked us to give books to the people who will not be able to afford them, and so if you are helped by Jesus, or blessed by God when you read His book, please give someone else a copy of God’s book as a sign of love to God and to show you appreciate what He has come to do on Earth for us. The more books we sell, the more places we will be able to bring God’s Plan.

God told me that all Earth needs to know these lessons before He will give us a new life without evil, so I am determined to make sure everyone on Earth learns how to live a closer life with God. Without your help, we will not be able to bring God’s Plan to enough people within the few years He has allowed us to begin this change on Earth.  If enough people are not willing to join God in this fight with Satan, God will let the end of the world begin. I for one will do all I can to make sure that will not happen.
We have not been financially able to start production of the products I mentioned and are hoping for sales of God’s book to help us. (We will look forward to e-mails with suggestions for these products from those who manufacture goods and can provide a good deal to us.)

God has granted us His blessing to take donations for food and lodging in all the places He sends us. God has also blessed us to accept donation of money under one condition; He asks that they who donate, do so without expecting anything in return from us or through tax deductions; so that He may grant them blessings of Heaven. This is a big deal to God; He really wants to offer you His grace for helping with His plan to Save Earth. He wants your prayers for all those who will not come to learn His plan, and He wants you to tell as many people as you can about this Plan.

I am smiling as I type this next part; but if you have not read the Donations page, you will enjoy the beauty of God's words on that page. Some days God really makes my life glad with His sweetness and purity and I can't help but smile to Him. Who but God would turn down a donation if it doesn't come from a pure heart?

I might add this: Getting used to giving your money to God is not easy, but it is essential in your quest to trust God for everything in life. Believe me; we are learning this the hard way along with you: our retirement savings is now gone. If you have trouble doing this sort of thing, God will put more and more reasons before you to make you come to a realization that He is the one asking for you to trust Him; how else will you trust Him to give you His will. When you give God your free will, you give Him everything you are and have along with it; which is complete trust in God. Then you trust Him enough to accept whatever He asks of you; which is complete love for God.

We are praying everyday for you to be able to accept God’s Plan. This is a new beginning for mankind, united in a very personal way with our Creator. It’s a time of joy and a time of prayer and repentance; we have a huge job to accomplish before God grants us abundance. We have to prove to Satan that we, God’s children, choose God and reject Satan’s evil on our Earth. We have to prove to Satan that there is no where left on Earth for him and his unholy buddies and we want him out. This is our mission as God’s children.

We are looking forward to meeting those who are ready to join God’s army against Satan and to watching God’s events planned for the next few years.


 Carol (Rebecah) Aubuchon and hubby, Richard.
44315 Sunnyside Dr  #103
Sterling Heights, MI 48313



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